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You're Invited to the GF Family

If you are new to Generation fit I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to our world.


We provide real solutions for real people. Whether you need to lose weight, want to compete at the highest level, or simply start and maintain a healthy way of life,we can help.


We don’t believe in the one size fits all approach. Every body is different and challenges each of us face can be very personal.

Our  programs work because we not only address fitness through exercise and “real world” nutritional advice, we help our clients understand the mental aspects of goal-setting, staying motivated, and preventing procrastination. YOU become part of a fitness family through positive support, encouragement, daily motivation and a caring atmosphere.

My name is Moh Koutouby founder of Generation Fit and creator of the Generation Transformation Fitness Program. As a personal trainer my passion has always been getting people just like you from where they are today to where they wish to be. After years of simply addressing “the workout” I realized quicker results and lasting transformations among those clients who shifted their mindset. Sure, my training was always effective and the results followed. However, true breakthroughs happened  when these folks went from constant outings of dinner and drinks, fast food on the go, and limited physical activity to someone who is making smart conscious daily choices.

That’s called a Lifestyle Change! And we help you with every facet.

And so, Generation Transformation Fitness Program and GF Personal Training philosophy was born!

Don’t worry, the new you still has fun exploring healthy culinary alternatives, trying or re-discovering activities such as dancing, tennis, yoga,mud runs, going for hikes with the family. This mindset coupled with my customized programs, guidance, and positive environment encourages all my clients to bond and share in each others success so we thrive in pursuing our goals and you actually stick to your newfound lifestyle.

Our first commitment is for you to quickly SEE and FEEL the results inside and out. Over time you’ll experience a total transformation where workouts are enjoyed and sought out rather than a chore, friendships are built, challenges faced together, and success is shared by a group of like-minded individuals. Secondly, we are proud we get to lead by example not only living better ourselves but by, influencing our family, friends, co-workers and most importantly our kids who we help become the next Fit Generation.

Like it or not, our actions always teach more than our words.

So, I invite you to start or continue your fitness journey with me and the GF Fitness Family.

Simply request your complimentary consultation and VIP Class with the form provided above!!!

See ya soon!

Yours in Good Health,

Moh Koutouby


Someone once said there is no better time to improve than today.

We firmly believe that yet, understand change is hard.

I am committed to helping you every step of the way.

Ask me about our 100% Results Guarantee!

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